September 9th, 2007



Fall is going to kick my ass. I don't think it's just me being busy. The whole family is busy! And every weekend is filling up fast, as well. If I went back and looked at my autumn calendars for the last few years I'm sure they would be just as crazy full.

This weekend was lovely, quiet and productive, with the kids gone overnight last night to farmor and farfar's. I've gotten a ton of work done on the AWC website project and recorded 4 cassette tapes to PC, as well as reading most of the sequel to Wicked, which so far I'm not all that impressed with.

Anders finished painting the porch this afternoon and we ate dinner out there this evening with the sunlight beating through the makeshift curtain he duct-taped up. I foresee a trip to IKEA in the near future to find blinds. I went to the plant nursery while he was painting and bought a wagonload of purple autumn flowers to fill the front garden pots with. Then I weeded and watered, and it all looks so nice!

Anders is out mowing the lawn in the chilly blue of evening and just called the kids to come and look at the bird's nests that were built this year in the birdhouses we have mounted on the playhouse. There is one on each end, and both of them had nests inside. We have a 3rd birdhouse high up on the back of the garage, but we need the ladder to climb up there and check. Something to remember before spring, as I'm pretty sure we need to clean them out for a new year of baby birds. :)

After a busy week (chocolate cookie), with another busy week ahead (chocolate cookie), that was just the weekend I needed (vanilla cream layer).

Was your weekend relaxing or productive or busy and did it resemble a cookie in any way?


A Rainbow of Bright, Belated Birthday Wishes to studiozoe!
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