December 18th, 2007

tiny grinning moose


I confess to being a tad envious of those of you who have snow. We have no snow and no snow in sight. We had no snow at all last winter, to speak of, and so, though one always wants to be done with it already come February, right now a little snow would be nice.

Mom keeps asking me really hard crossword puzzle questions. It's getting rarer that I know the answers offhand and it makes me feel alzheimery and dumb. It also makes me suspect my Trivial Pursuit crown would be in total jeopardy if I had anyone to play it with. My brother used to make me answer 3 brown questions everytime I landed on it even if it wasn't for a pie. We called the pie pieces "wedgies" and if you accidentally tipped your pie over and pieces fell out we yelled "SPILLED WEDGIES" and scooped them up so that you had to earn them all over again. I belong to a tribe of ruthless TP players. What do you call the pie pieces? Do you call them "pie pieces"? Does that fact that I've said "pie pieces" so many times make you hungry for pie? I could eat some pumpkin pie right now, with whipped cream. Or maybe piping hot blueberry pie with some french vanilla ice cream.

*pause to go get some more Christmas cookies in lieu of pie*

In spite of having tried, I cannot decide which of the 7 different kinds of cookies we have on hand is the one I like the best. This means I keep having to try them all over and over and over again. HEEEEEEELLLP MEEEE

*pause to go get some more Christmas cookies for scientific taste-testing statistical purposes*

I am counting down the days to vacation. I don't usually do this, but I am REALLY looking forward to my 12 days off in a row. Yay for vacations!

Buncha Buncha Beautiful (But Belated) Birthday Wishes to ms_jacket!
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