December 26th, 2007



I realize this is really bad timing, judging from the tumbleweeds currently blowing through my own wallet, but I can finally make mention here, since I've just verified that all my family members have received and unwrapped their Christmas presents.

Remember all that editing I was so mysteriously working on over the course of the past year?

It was this: lizardek's obiter dictum — best of 2003-2006

And if there is anyone who just can't get enough (and my jaw will permanently dislocate if so), there is also The Complete Works (to date).

I know these are not really of overwhelming interest to anyone but my family and myself, but it still gives me a little thrill to hold my own words in my hands and look at the shiny covers and stick my nose in between the pages and inhale that new print smell. Books! By me! *squee*

Peachy Beachy Birthday Wishes to scubatoe_eimi!