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The sun is shining as hard as it can between the jet trails. It bums me out that I have to draw the curtains at work when I have such a short time to enjoy the sunshine to begin with. I want to fling the curtains wide, open the window and lean out, breathing deeply of the crisp, cold air. I want to watch my breath curl and smoke and pretend I'm a dragon. The other day as I was driving to work up the hill to Lund I saw a huge flock of birds, black against the lavender-blue* sky ahead of me. It looked like a troop movement, with several platoons in v-formation grouped together, migrating across the world. Something about them threw me and I strained to make them out, while keeping an eye half on the road, and figure out what kind of bird they were. For a few moments, there was something wrong...their necks were too long, and their wings too big. Were they cranes? Then I got closer and realized they were swans. A battalion of swans, flying in formation, winging away west.

After talking it over with Anders and doing some major thinking, I'm going to call Company T and say thank you, but no thank you. It's too soon to job-jump again, especially when things are going so well where I am. I'm still torn about that job, and wish I were able to do two things at once, be in two places at once, but I've already been learning the hard lessons involved with that. Much as I think the other job and the other company is still attractive, I need to concentrate on what I am doing now. I can't keep second-guessing myself and my work. Even if I have some niggling little doubts about THIS job, and some admittedly minor problems with the ways things are done around here, I would be a fool to jump again for no real reason. If it was six months or a year down the line, it would be easier to talk to them again I think. Then I would have a better idea of how this job will be in the long run, and how happy I am with my future here. But for now, I'm content to stay put.

Tonight is book group, and once more I haven't read the book, since the library order never came through. I doubt I'll read this one later, as I did with the last one, Everything is Illuminated, because at the moment I have so many books I want to read sitting in 2 huge piles at home, and The Feminine Mystique isn't even close to being on my own personal list of books I want to read. Not that I don't think there is a mystique to being feminine or that it's not a worthy book, but unless someone gives me a better argument tonight as to WHY I should read this book right now, it will probably remain on my list of books that I haven't gotten around to, along with War and Peace and The Grapes of Wrath.

Book group needs a shot in the arm, some new blood, something. We've had a great core group of people over the last couple of years but the times, as usual, are a-changing, and we've lost several people and, I think, some of our focus. galestorm had mentioned trying a book exchange group, perhaps in addition to regular book group, and I think I'll bring it up tonight and see what people say. Even if this particular group doesn't want to change, I think we have to in order to survive. Maybe we need to do some recruiting within the club and get some new people involved.

*dilly dilly
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firstly, i have to say that that is the best asterixed footnote EVAH.

secondly - did i miss your comments on Everything is Illuminated? i recently bought it and would be interested in your thoughts. is it worth my time?

No, you didn't miss 'em, I don't think I wrote about it here. I enjoyed it for the most part, it was a good read, if a little strange, and without an ending that I cared for. I never felt very engaged by the characters, to be honest. The writing was fun, different, and expected you to keep up. When we discussed it in book group, people seemed to love or hate it, for some the writing style was just annoying.

sounds intriguing, thanks :)

The swans are back? Wonderful! I love watching and listening to them fly overhead. I'm always reminded of the Hans Christian Andersen story when I see them overhead. I wonder if they are out looking for their sister.

I think thyat's a good choice on the job front. I know it's tempting, but really it's their loss for not having the foresight to snap you up when they had the chance. And who knows down the track what could happen - you don't want to look flaky on your resume and it would be unfair to opt out now and force this company to go through the advertising process again. Still, it does the ego good to know you have been noticed. Yay! Liz the legend!

Book clubs are always in need of new blood and it's hard here in Sweden where you don't always have ready access to English books easily. Relying on Amazon is always a bit hit and miss. Oh that we lived closer. I'm sure Carolyn and I would liven it up a bit :)

Oh, that you two lived closer indeed! :D And thanks for the thumbs up. I dithered all night and day and finally sent the "thanks but no thanks" email after work.

I actually recommended Liz to show an interest, but thinking about your post made me realize something: What would have happened if Liz pursued an interest, but turned down the offer, then found out that her current job was downsizing her. She might then need the other company, but of course, asking the other company after she turned the job down wouldn't look too well for everyone. She may need the other company, but maybe not for a long while.

I told her it was too soon after only 3 months to job-jump when things were going well, but to please keep me in mind for future openings. :)


I think you made the right job decision, although I too was initially for showing interest. You're right about not second guessing yourself. I have to learn that as well.


You did the right thing- you have YOUR resume to think of and a lot of job hopping (if 3 could be hopping)could be indicative of someone who leaves when things are challenging.

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