January 31st, 2008

attempting to give a damn


Things I am tired of:
  • darkness
  • rain
  • cold hands
  • my daughter's whining
Things that never seem to end:
  • laundry
  • my to-do list at work
  • winter
  • the weight struggle
Things I want to eat but don't have in the house:
  • tempura maki
  • reese's fast break bars
  • my dad's chervil soup (I could make it, though)
  • pie
Things that made me laugh today:
  • an email from a colleague after I solved a problem for him, that said in huge letters: I LOVE YOU!!!!!
  • my son's verbose and swenglish explanation of a game in gym class called spookball
  • the outfit my daughter had on right before bedtime )(pink & blue kitty footie pajamas, a neon yellow safety vest, giant fluffy black spider slippers and a ski buff around her head)
Moods I've been in lately:
  • grumpy for no reason
  • writer's blocky
  • thoughtful
  • really silly
Things that could cheer me up:
  • lots of comments*
  • sushi and a movie
  • a full body massage
  • pie
Things I'm wondering about:
  • who to vote for
  • why I can't get motivated
  • where the time goes
  • whether anyone would come if I planned a game night

It's sleeting sideways.

Karin gave me an excellent backrub while I was reading the bedtime story tonight. I call that a fair return on the day.

Tomorrow is Friday. I have no words for how glad I am about that. Sushi for dinner and the start of The Lord of the Rings marathon. Bring it, Viggo!

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