February 1st, 2008



The sushi was awesome, though the kids were of divided minds. We sat at the tables in the back—they have exactly 10 chairs in a tiny back room (and a counter up front that seats 4). The fish was fresh and the spicy salmon roll rocked my socks. The kids were a bit taken aback by a strange maki piece that was PINK instead of the usual seaweed black. I asked the owner what it was: soybean paper! I didn't get one, so didn't taste it this time. Anders said it was nothing to write home about, but it sure was pretty! :D

We swung by the grocery store on the way home and picked up vittles for myskväll and then popped The Fellowship of the Ring into the DVD player. About 40 minutes in, Martin declared it was too scary and he couldn't watch it anymore and he got up and backed out of the living room...but couldn't actually make the break and tear himself away. He got about as far as the fish tank and then the movie reeled him back in again. He protested twice more but ended up sitting back on the big chair with his father, CAUGHT BY HOBBITS.

At the 2 hour line, when the screen abruptly went blank and then the message came up that the movie continued on Disc 2, I chirped, "Bedtime, kids! It's 10 o'clock!" Baffled glares greeted me from 2 directions. "But MOOOMMMM," it's not over yet!" stormed Karin. I said I knew that, but each of the movies is nearly 4 hours long and we will continue tomorrow night. Silence greeted this announcement and then Karin said, with shock and a dawning sense of injustice, "But...it will take us A MONTH to watch the whole thing!"

"Well, yes," I agreed, "Even if we watch 2 hours each Friday and Saturday..." (here Anders put his head in his hands and moaned) "it will take us 3 weekends." This was not accepted with enthusiasm, but TO BED! I pointed and finally, grumping all the way, they went.

I have:

A painful cramp in my mouse hand
A cryk in my neck
PC elbow
Badly blurry and irritated eyes

Q: What is the universe trying to tell lizardek?
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