October 19th, 2008

black cat


I've never had or really even been around such a FLUFFY cat before. All of our/my cats have been either Siamese, tabby or black-and-white shorthairs. Doc's tail is nearly as big as he is and it's easily as big as my huge feather duster. He sleeps a great deal of the day as cats are wont to do, burrowing under the covers in one or the other of the kids' beds and is up in the evening wanting to play. He's quite friendly and doesn't seem to be disturbed by any of these strange people he suddenly finds himself amongst, having apparently had some prior experience as a loaner cat for allergic people who are testing Siberians. The only thing so far that has ruffled his aplomb was the vacuum cleaner, and he wasn't at all interested in checking out the porch this afternoon. In all fairness, it was COLD and the wind was rattling the leaves in all the bushes and trees out back. It's too bad his owner was so upfront about the fact that he is not for sale as I could easily see us falling on love with this big orange fluffmonster and, assuming all goes well, and Anders and I don't have any adverse reactions, keeping him forever.

Doc Holliday

Doc lying down

The full doc