October 27th, 2008



This year, because ozswede was so kind as to send us a pumpkin carving kit for the kids, I made them do their own dirty work, though I did cut the holes in the tops of the pumpkins and scoop-scraped out the insides (though I had help from Anders on one of them). Usually I have to wield the knife (*evil laugh*) so they draw their pumpkin designs and I execute (HA!) them. Even though they got a packet of ready-made designs in the package they elected to go with traditional jack-o-lantern faces this year, though both of them wanted teeth and pupils.

Karin was working on the designs on her costume prop (I drew the outlines, she filled them in) while Martin and I did his pumpkin, then it was her turn. They did a great job, don't you think? and both smiling glowy faces are now sitting out front greeting passers-by in practice for their big night on Friday.

Click here for pumpkin carving stabbity goodness!

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