November 27th, 2008



I'm thankful for the obvious things that quietly light up my life every day. The things I don't notice, the things I take for granted, the things I've become so familiar with that they fade into the humming background until, like a sudden ray of sunshine, my notice and regards falls upon them and illuminates them; makes them new.

My funny, freaky, healthy, smart children. My husband who puts up with much more from me than he probably ever expected. The commitment that we hold for each other. My beautiful cozy home. My far-flung family: mom, sister, brother, in-laws, cousins, aunts and uncles. The friends I hold dear to my heart, all of you around the world who make me smile every day.

I'm thankful for work that stimulates and pleases me. For the choices I have in so many things. For my eyes to see and read with, for my ears to hear and listen with, for laughter and conversation and simple greetings as I pass by.

What more? Soap. Electricity. Circuit boards and calculators. Indoor plumbing and running water. Telephone lines and the postal service. Online book stores. Refrigeration. Carbonation. Spontaneity. Good will. Knock-knock jokes and monster hats. Birth control. Good memories. To-do lists and wish lists. Strong fingernails. Good dental care. Mattresses. Typing classes in 8th grade. Letters in the mail. Money in the bank. Massage therapists and modern medicine. Leftovers. Recommendations. Blog comments.

I recognize the blessings in my life and for that, above all, I'm most thankful.