February 11th, 2009

snow pig


Things I'm not happy about right now:
  • Trying to figure out how I'm going to get all the huge projects at work done within a reasonable time frame

  • That my husband is gone for Valentine's Day. *sigh*

  • How long it's taking me to read this book. It's SO GOOD, but it's SO FULL of words. And I know how it ends because I know the story: badly. I think I'm unconsciously slowing down because I don't want to get to the sad part. It's actually 4 books in 1 though, so I suppose I can take that to my credit.

  • That ozswede hasn't heard or at least hasn't posted any news on her missing sister in Australia...and also the fact that people could actually SET those fires that are devastating so many people. Edited to add: they're safe!

  • Dry itchy skin in the MIDDLE OF MY BACK. Why does it always have to itch just out of reach??

  • Haven't done my 30 minutes of walking in 2 days. Bad Lizardek!

  • The last bagel has now been eaten and since the bagel deli is GONE FOREVER, there won't be any more. WAH!
Things I AM happy about right now:
  • thistimearound's return from oblivion!!!

  • SNOW! snow snow snow! We FINALLY have snow. And the car is in the garage overnight so I won't have to scrape it in the morning, woo hoo!

  • The fact that Thin Mints last forever in the freezer even when completely forgotten about for AGES

  • The meal I sort of threw together yesterday that went over like gangbusters with the kids: chicken & mushrooms and broccoli over rice with Come & Get It Sauce

  • The compliments I received today for the layout of the Strategic Outlook brochure I designed for our company

  • Planning to surprise my kids with sushi and a movie for Valentine's Day this weekend

  • The little algae-cleaning magnet-on-both-sides-of-the-tank thingy

  • Catching up with old friends from all periods of my life over on Facebook.

  • An unexpected and un-asked-for delivery of Reese's from a colleague that was in the States last week

  • That my not happy list is shorter than my happy list! :D
Got a happy about or not happy about list of your own? Do tell!

Best Best Beautiful Best Birthday Wishes to the Bestest Bluepoppy EVER!
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