March 29th, 2009

turned back


I have no coherent thoughts right now. Starting and stopping sentences every few seconds. I've started this over and over in my head, mentally backspacing and deleting and finally gave up and just started typing. Not sure that will get it going, but since my weekend has been all about getting things done, there you have it.

Yesterday, for Earth Hour, which my kids were really excited about participating in (the 2 video game addicts: go figure) even to the extent of pumping arms in the air and yelling WOO HOO! when 8:30 rolled around (Karin), we had preparations well underway in the quarter hour preceding the call for lights out. We popped popcorn in advance and got all the candles out, and ready.

We played Trivial Pursuit Young Players' Edition, in 2 teams (Martin & I against Anders & Karin). At the beginning of the game, Anders high-fived Karin after every right answer and when I asked if he was going to keep doing that, he said, "if it annoys you" at which point I rolled my eyes at him. We played the regular rule of continuing your turn after every correct answer, but after first having the board hogged by the opposing team and then hogging it ourselves for quite an extended period, I noticed Karin was getting antsy and dejected and we finally switched to just taking turns which made the end run into the middle take forever. But it was a lot of fun, sitting there in the dark with the golden glow of candlelight and a giant bowl of popcorn. We catechized the neighbors who all had lights on during the hour, and by 9:30 we were still in the middle of the game, and the kids didn't want to turn the lights back on so we just continued with Earth Evening. The high-fivers won, darn it.


It seems quiet around here lately. It feels like people aren't online, or if they are, they're not commenting. After having BP shut down operations at her blog, I think I'm paranoid that everyone is abandoning me/us, and even though I know that there are always periods of downtime, it makes me nervous. Howling in the wilderness isn't my style, I LIKE my audience. Hopefully it's just spring fever and everyone is out enjoying some sunshine and daffodils and an open-air café lunch with their BFFs.


My sister has been at my mom's all week, helping her paint and renovate 2 (3?) rooms and I called and asked her to please please please help find my old school photos since mom has totally been dragging her feet on that project, and apparently Sarah has been finding them all in photo albums and they're scanning and sending them , so soon you can all enjoy the horror that was my childhood progression in polyester. That ought to bring the comments flooding in. Hee!


Hmmm...nope. I thought there was more, but I was wrong.
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