April 4th, 2009



Karin's room is taking shape. We went to IKEA yesterday and bought her bed (though we forgot a piece of it that I had to go back for today), and now we just have to get her bookcase and new dresser, but those things will have to wait until after we're back. It looks really cool, I think you'll agree, even though the walls are still bare, pending furniture placement before hanging anything. You can really see how great the silver trim (Anders' idea) looks in these photos, and you can also see the difference in the red of the dragon vs the red of the walls. We toned down the walls, on the paint store guy's recommendation and I'm glad we did, otherwise the room would have been fire-engine screaming red! Karin's thrilled and that's what matters :) When we get back, we'll start on Martin's room.

Burnished Brilliant Belated Birthday Wishes to travelertrish!

*This makes me laugh, because rum in Swedish is room.