May 8th, 2009



One of my FB friends who is also a colleague commented at work this week that he couldn't believe how many books I read. "Do you REALLY read that many books? You read like one a day!" he exclaimed. "I don't watch TV.* I read 139.5 books last year," I replied, and left him gaping. I'm reading comfort books right now: just finished The Dark is Rising series and now have started on James Herriott's All Creatures Great & Small. I suspect it's because I need to find comfort anywhere I can these days, when worry fills so much of my mental landscape.

It's Anders' birthday today. :) I woke up at 5:25 a.m. and knew instantly that he was already awake. The man barely sleeps, I swear. His alarm usually goes off at 6 but mine doesn't normally go off until 6:45 so even though I rolled over and stuck my head under my pillow for another half hour, it's been a long day. At 6 I got up and snuck out, knowing he was STILL awake and pretending not to notice my sneakiness, and woke up the kids and then we came marching in with presents, singing happy birthday to him. This waking up of the birthday boy/girl is a Swedish tradition and not one I care for, honestly, what with the getting up early part. I suspect part of it is also my cultural inclination to have to wait to open presents until evening thus heightening the anticipation to a near frenzy. :P Anyway, my Swedie is another year better :) Happy birthday, honey! I love you!

When I came home from work today, there was a little package waiting for me. Hrm, I thought, what could that be? I haven't ordered anything, and it's not MY birthday. Turns out it was a blog friend being thoughtful and darling, as usual: Bethany sent me orange/lime Tic-Tacs because she somehow knows that I love the (have I written about them or something? it sure made me giggle!) orange ones and thought I'd like the lime ones, and she's right: I love them, too. Thank you, Bethany!

4 things I am wishing for right now:
  • That my friends will conquer their illnesses and be better
  • That bezigebij and jackiejj would come and turn my yard into a garden
  • That my dearest, oldest friend will make it over this summer for our reunion in the Netherlands**
  • That the sun will come out tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun!
Meg did another of her Friday Love Lists and I thought: Fun! Just what I needed. Something fun to think about, though I tweaked the list a bit. Play along, won't you? My answers are first in the comments. :)
  1. Song you love
  2. Book you love
  3. Type of cuisine you love
  4. Beverage you love
  5. Cookie you love
  6. Ice cream flavor you love
  7. Place you love to go
  8. Activity you love to do
  9. Place you love to live
  10. Time in your life you loved
  11. Person you love
  12. Body part (your own) that you love
  13. Item of clothing you love most (that you own)
  14. Way of relaxing you love best
Brimming Barrelfuls of Birthday Wishes to the much-missed Sheryl and Belated Birthday Wishes to big_bubba!

*Lie. I often watch TV on Friday nights or Saturday nights for myskväll depending on what's on. Just now it's Talang 2009.
**Ha! Hey Dutchies! Look! I said The Netherlands! Not Holland! Progress!