May 24th, 2009



It's Sunday morning, the 4th and last day of a long weekend. I was just realizing that the reason it's a long weekend in America is because it's Memorial Day weekend, while the reason why it's a long weekend here in Sweden is because of Ascension Day. Strange.

The sun keeps trying to come's been up and down and hiding and peeping all weekend. We're back to the "wait-5-minutes" typical Swedish weather, it seems. I'm really hoping that the sunshine sticks around or at least comes back full force when my brother comes at the end of June, but midsummer weather is notoriously chancy around here, so keep your fingers crossed. We'll be canoeing and camping for 2-3 days and if it's pouring rain I may just have to kill someone.

The kids and I went to see the new Star Trek movie last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, though I suspect that I liked it much more than they did simply because of having so much more of the background story. It made me miss my dad terribly as I grew up watching the original show with him. Now I'm getting bombarded with Star Trek questions and I don't have the answers, because even though I watched the original, that was it. I never got into the successive shows or saw any of the other movies and I was flabbergasted to read that this was the ELEVENTH Star Trek movie...I stopped paying attention somewhere around 4 or 5, apparently.

I've spent a great deal of time this weekend gathering and printing out photos of my friend Carol from various AWC events over the years and am now mounting them into a photo album for her daughter. I'll be taking it with me to the funeral on Friday. I'm not looking forward to that, at all. In any way, whatsoever. I've also been editing her blog content into book form to eventually be printed and given to her family. It's a lot of work (especially since it's photo-heavy) but I feel really good about doing it. I'm planning to do this for another friend as well, but am trying to make a dent in Carol's first.

This weekend has been all about projects and getting things done, since we haven't had any real plans. Anders has been working on the car, and is out bicycle-training this morning. I still have a long list of things to get done today, so need to get my nightgowned butt into the shower and get started.

Conversation With the Kids
Karin: I never have dreams. I don't think I dream.
Liz: Everyone dreams, honey. It's just that you don't remember them.
Karin: No, I don't think so. I really don't have any.
Liz: You must have an off switch, then!
Martin: Too bad it only works at night.