July 3rd, 2009

holding heart


I know just how blessed I am. It's not the time away, or the weeks off work, or the downtime reading relaxation. It's not the wind or the water or the rocks or the little fishing villages with their red houses all in a row. It's not the things we've seen or the things we've done. It's not even the sunshine. Okay. It IS the sunshine, at least part of it is. But mostly it's these:

Photos of Karin, Anders & Simone by John Slaughter; Photos of Martin and John by Anders Ek

Cracking Me Up: Where the wild things aren't

A Sparkly Firecrackly Roundup of Birthday Wishes to totte, jax_in_sweden, shazzerlive, idahoswede, kejn, ms_hackman, and Mia!