August 9th, 2009



How often should you post, when you blog? Should you post every day? Every couple of days, every week, once a month? I know that when some of my favorite writers are posting daily it feels like Christmas every day to me. But, sometimes it seems that if I post too often people don't have time to read it all or that they miss things, and only see the latest. How much is too much? Does it even really matter?

I suppose it is the writing urge that should steer and not the desire for validation or comments. I don't have a stats meter on each post, so I don't have any real idea how many people are actually reading, unless they leave a comment. I don't expect people to respond to every post or comment on every post, by any means. Goodness knows: I don't. There are many blogs I read that I never, or at least very rarely, comment on, for one reason or another. But I suppose I do make more effort for people I have become close to. Even some little smile or nod of acknowledgment means something, at least I know it does to me. This isn't fishing for comments, honestly. I get this curious feeling of weirdness about the way this online interaction works every so often. This blogging thing screws with your head.

I write because I want to see my words come alive. I write because I want to get better at writing. My writing voice becomes stronger with every sentence I pluck from my (often) seething brain and pin down. I don't normally write to vent or gush or unload in this space. It's not about that for me. I admit that I think, probably much too often, about my audience, as I write. Will what I am thinking about today be interesting? Will anyone care about what I have to think or say or feel? How can I write it down in such a way as to touch a chord in YOU, my reader? How can we connect?

Often the posts that engender multiple comments are the ones I think are complete throw-aways. Tossing a bunch of words out there and mixing them up like salad often turns up surprising results. It's a virtual crap shoot. Snake eyes! Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

Yesterday I talked to my mom, on an international connection, for TWO hours. I forget I have Skype. So stupid. But the phone bill, and in conjunction, the internet bill, are two bills I NEVER mind paying. They're always worth it, for what they give me. I called her, and we talked for an hour. Then I realized how much time had gone by, but we were in the middle of something, so I blurted, "Hey! Call me back!" and she did and we talked for another hour. It was just what I needed: catching up, talking through, laughing a lot, and getting some clear advice and help with a decision I've been batting around for awhile.

How often should you call, when you're far apart? The answer is probably the same as with writing and blogging: as often as you can.

*Title from a quote by William Plomer