September 1st, 2009



Hi there!

I know, I know, I haven't written in AGES. I have no excuse. Well, actually I do, but whatever. I flew to America on Saturday morning and I've been busy playing and working and shopping and shopping and shopping since. And I'm not done yet. Wheee! And every night we come back to the hotel, mom and I, and pretty much just collapse into bed because it is very late and we are very tired from all the shopping.

I have been to the bookstore thrice. *happy dance*

Nutshell report: Flight delay, hate customs, saw my suitcase go around at least 4x on the carousel before I realized that it was mine while getting more and more pissed that my bag hadn't come down yet. Mom sucks at following directions and maps. Gave her 4 chances, now she's fired from being navigator. Hit the SoWa Markets in downtown Boston on Sunday and had a blast. Bought a beautiful bead necklace from Lilianabeads and an antique Italian glass mosaic pin and then found a pair of purple embroidered Arabian princess shoes for only 10 dollars. Score! Chicken scallopine at Macaroni Grill and a chair massage at the mall. Have crossed off all the necessities on my shopping list. Books. Books, more books. Getting an unexpected 10% discount at Macy's because I live abroad. A lovely waitress at Not Your Average Joe's, delicious clam chowder & foccacia with parmesan, chili pepper and olive oil. Tonight we had excellent thai & sushi at a hole-in-the-wall neighborhood place. Good stuff.

Work is going great, I'm getting lots done and feeling very productive. Love being here. Love it!

The weather has also been fantastic! My very favorite: blue skies, sunshine and not too hot. :)

Karin gave me her 50 dollar bill to spend for her while I was here. So far, I have found an antique dog pin with marcasite & black enamel, which I bargained down from $18 to $10 (another SoWa Score!), a funky dragon bandana, Pop Rocks and a 3-set of LipSmackers in candy flavors, and still have $30 to go.

Labor Day weekend plans at this point include the Eric Carle Museum and Emily Dickinson House in Amherst, meeting up with my aunt & uncle, the Norman Rockwell museum in Stockbridge and a trip up the coast to Cape Ann.

If my family were here with me, life would be perfect.

Bodacious Belated Birthday Wishes to girlinthemoon!