March 25th, 2010



Two words: Moose sushi
That's what I had for dinner tonight. I met up with my neighbor Catherine and her husband Nik for dinner after working late and before book group, and suggested a new sushi place in Lund that a colleague had highly recommended and it was great! They only opened a month ago, and they have 2 tables plus a couple of counters, and they've decorated in Early Swedish Attic and all their ingredients are local or environmentally-friendly. So, no tuna but lots of creative sushi creations which included (variously) moose, duck, apple, horseradish and red onion. DELICIOUS. Only thumbs down: no customer bathroom. How can you run a restaurant without a bathroom?

A comment written in thinkum's journal:
Martin and I had a question about a musical instrument the other day. He was telling me about a classmate who played a *swedishwordican'tremember* and I didn't know what he was referring to, so I went and picked out the old hardcover Children's Encyclopedia volume "Art & Music" that I've had since I was a child (I have 4 left) because it has a diagram of a full symphony orchestra with all the instruments placed and labeled and so he could find it and we could identify it (French Horn). The books are old and yellowing and the covers are sort of soft and I stuck my nose in the middle and breathed deeply and smiled before I set it back in the shelf.

Moments of the day, not in order:
Tired eyes, explaining to a new expat why March 25 is Waffle Day in Sweden, feeling like I can't catch up at work, such high temps and sunshine that after heading out to lunch with the girls I declared we might not come back, headbanging to The Ramones in the car, book talk with fellow bookworms, an early morning neck massage to kill the headache I woke with (I love my husband), dreading a phone call I need to make, getting ready to buy plane tickets home tomorrow!

Bu-bu-bu-bubbling & Belated Birthday Wishes to johann_metzger and emmabovary!