April 3rd, 2010

artist palette


This has been an altogether lovely week leading up to Easter. Lots of sunshine and a wonderful dog in the house to love on. The kids were home all last week so they went out walking and playing with London several times a day in the sunshine and then we went for a long walk in the early evenings. Tiny, tight green buds are starting to show on the tips of every branch. Easter flowers are blooming: crocus, daffodil, snowdrops, wood anemone. The furled knives of tulip leaves have stretched up tall in gardens all over the village. Tractors are hard at work out plowing the fields and busy clouds of seagulls and even some circling storks are right there to scoop up the disturbed underground bounty.

Today Karin and I drove around the countryside for a couple of hours, stopping in various galleries and art studios which are open to the public all this weekend and next week as part of the annual Konstrundan (Art Round) that happens every Easter in Skåne. There are hundreds of them all over the place and even if you don't have a map showing the "official" participants, just driving around the back roads will lead you to plenty of wonderful finds...all with exceedingly high price tags, unfortunately. Our first stop in Holmby was a little gallery with several artists represented, one of whom did wonderful wild bird portraits. One lithograph of a flock of Caspian terns surrounding a hawk against a pale blue sky caught my eye especially.

We found other neat galleries tucked away in Hunneberga, Hammarlunda and Harlösa and ended up at Övedskloster on the shores of Vombsjön where one of the outbuildings had an exhibition by Mats Helmesjö, and O! how I wish I had a lot of extra money to spend on Art. Even though we can't possibly afford anything right now, it's still fun to look and we plan on going back out again on Monday. The funniest thing was that the last place we went to, right in Flyinge, turned out to be an American woman from Holland, Michigan, who has been coming to Sweden for short stays for several years, teaching painting classes!

Then we came home and made our OWN art!

Blank canvas

Who needs oil paints when you've got food coloring and vinegar?

Portrait of an Artist as a young woman

Wanted: HAM

Oh no, Mr Egg!


A nest of arty eggs

Martin & Karin with London the dog

Tomorrow, pansies in pots and lavender for the new garden bed against the back wall with farmor and farfar's help, hard-boiled eggs and candy and Easter baskets!

Happy Easter everyone!

Eggstraordinary, Eggscellent, Eggstatic Birthday Wishes to travelertrish and Belated ones to catchingdays!