May 4th, 2010



Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you! :D

Spectacular cloudscapes, slanting sunshine, a sudden downpour of rain washed over Flyinge with a fleeting fat rainbow to top it off. The forsythias are so bright, they look like miniature suns. Cherry trees are blossoming: our little cherry is studded with white blooms up and down each branch; harbingers for a bumper crop, I hope! The bird cherry across the ditch has exploded like a stupendous slo-mo popcorn tree. Sparrows are nesting in one of the birdhouses on the side of the playhouse and pheasant calls ratchet through the evening air.

The rice worked. Or the phone was better proof against a washing machine than I would ever have guessed. After a day and a half submerged in a bowl of rice, Anders reassembled the phone, plugged it in to charge and voila! It works.

My to-do list at work is 3 pages long. My to-do list at home is much shorter and includes shopping (birthday present for Anders, pants for Martin, replacement soccer shoes for Karin), writing cards for people I'm thinking about, ordering flowers, and filing my US taxes. None of those are even written down. They're just on mental post-it notes stuck haphazardly all over the surface of my brian. The actual written to-do list only has 4 items on it, and none of them are a priority.

Things I'm Glad I Did
  • took a typing class in junior high
  • agreed when Frida suggested I take desktop publishing classes
  • met Anders
Things I'm Looking Forward To
  • summer in the States and seeing old friends and relatives
  • selling the Volvo and getting a new (to us) car
  • Glee on Sundays
People Who Are Much on My Mind Right Now
  • Becky
  • Carol
  • Debbie & Ola
And now, a random Karin photo:

Bouquets of Bright Blossom Birthday Wishes to same_sky!