May 16th, 2010



It's hard to unwind and relax into a long weekend when you're as used to go-go-going all the time as I am. I had to deliberately stop myself from checking work email. I had to force myself to stop, drop and go back to my book instead of latching onto a project. But it wasn't as hard after the first day as I thought it would be. Even with a dog in the house, I managed to sleep in. It actually helped that it was such crappy weather all weekend long: chilly drizzly cloudiness. My hair has been barking all weekend, frizzy and crazed. Tomorrow I'm putting it out of its misery at the hairdressers: I'm having my hair put DOWN.

Cate's daughter Sydney spent the night with us on Saturday. She and Karin wound the dog up and then up some more. They had Chelsea up on the trampoline with them, in the drizzle, and when I went to yell at them, discovered that it wasn't their fault: the dog was leaping the four feet up to the edge by herself. And was plainly enjoying herself once up there, to boot.

If the sun had been shining the rapeseed would have been glowing. It sheds a stunted light over the fields as it is. Every time we went out with the dog and walked through the grass on the hill, dark lines marked our tracks through the silvered grass; our shoes were wet within seconds. When Angie picked up the dog this evening, she brought me a thank you gift: an entire salmon WITH HEAD AND TAIL. Warm smoked. I love salmon, it's one of my very favorite foods. However, I'm not so thrilled about the head part. Eyes and everything.

And Anders has almost sold the Volvo. He went to the dealership in Hörby today; they were open and having a special trade-in deal: 20,000 kronor (which is nothing, really, but it's about what we expected to get for the car). He's picked out and done a preliminary deal on a 2008 Saab 9-3 Biopower Combi. A RED one. Whee! I haven't had a red car since my first one, my Cozy Car, my Renault Appliance that I crashed into a telephone pole on the way to my cousin's wedding in Traverse City, Michigan a million bazillion years ago. Even though it won't be me that gets to drive the "new" car daily, but that's okay. I like the Audi just fine :)

What else? Nothing else. That's all.