June 9th, 2010



Every year Flyinge school hosts Tokiga Dagen a couple of days before classes are out for the summer. Tokiga Dagen means "the Crazy Day" and the kids dress up in all kinds of silly costumes and have a parade and winners are picked for best outfit and they have different stations to go to and play at all during the day. One year she wore Anders' much-too-big-for-her suit & dress shoes. Last year she was a hobo. This year?

She was a hotdog stand.

It was all her own idea. Anders helped with getting a box down from the attic to cut up and he designed the condiment bottles, though I did the implementation and printing. He also made up and printed the newsbills on the side and the menu (under Karin's direction). She made up the name of her kiosk (SYLTAN, which means "a small not-very-fancy place that serves food"*) and drew the hotdog and ketchup & mustard squiggles and name-graffiti.

She also accidentally touched the glue gun and burned the heck out of the side of her palm, raising a nasty little blister and screaming fit to raise the dead, shooting me out of my chair on the other side of the house and into the kitchen at the speed of light. Sheesh.

Click to view the sides of the kiosk:

In a gross miscarriage of justice, she DIDN'T WIN. 2 girls dressed as an A-Fil** carton won.

*Don't ask me. I thought it meant The Jam
**Sour milk. It's a Swedish breakfast thing. Again, don't ask me.

Also, in regards to the mismatched socks? Don't ask me. Apparently, it's all the rage these days. Even Martin's caught the fashion bug.