June 16th, 2010



Tomorrow is Martin's last day of school. He's had a really good first half year at his new school and seems to be thriving from all accounts. He had his piano recital today and hours later his piano teacher called to tell me how much he seems to have blossomed the past few months; she thinks it's on account of the new school. Tomorrow morning first thing is his end-of-school "ceremony" with recitals and music and afterwards a cake party. Everyone is supposed to bring a cake: Anders is in the kitchen right now, frosting a cake shaped like a book, done in school colors with the writing on the cake to be in English, French & Swedish: the three official languages of the school. If it's a contest for coolest cake, we might have it tied up already.

After that I have to get to work for my last day before vacation. Today was a blur of frantically trying to cut through everything on my to-do list. I put together and sent out over 20 advertisements well ahead of deadline for publications whose deadlines fall while I'm away, as well as putting together lists of project status and summer jobs for our intern and my colleague who will be covering for me for the next 4 weeks.

The suitcases are lying higgledy-piggledy in the middle of the floor, mouths agape, but only half full, which is how they'll stay, as the best way to travel to the States is as empty as possible in order to fill up with goodies there to bring back: new clothes, books, American candy, birthday presents, etc. I have gifts for several friends and chocolates for family but plenty of room for purchases. Considering that we can only have 1 bag each at 50 lbs that's a good thing. I still haven't been able to check in online, but should be able to cross that off my list in the morning.

Anders has run into a glitch: the gearshift on his racing bike is suddenly not working, 2 days before the big Vättern Runt bicycle ride that he has been training for all year. :( If he can't get it fixed in time, he'll have to forgo the race and he's pretty upset about it. What a drag!!

Tomorrow evening, we head back to Martin's school for the end-of-year party: dinner for the whole family, plus disco, games & karaoke into the evening, with a silly hat theme. We won't stay long, however, since we are leaving bright and early the next morning. AAH! I can't believe it's finally almost here!

I won't be online again until I'm on the other side of the pond...and don't know when I'll have time there, so until later, peeps! Have a sunny, wonderful summer! XOXO *blows kisses*

By the way, for those following along, we finished Watership Down tonight even though I had to extend bedtime by nearly an hour. Had the kids in tears at the Epilogue and nearly choked up myself. Damn, that is a GOOD BOOK.

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