October 10th, 2010



Happy 10 10 10! I said that to Martin this morning and he said he was looking forward to 1 1 11 :)

It's a sunny day now, but it was freezing cold and foggy up until just a couple of hours ago. I wasn't feeling well yesterday and did a lot of sleeping. Still feel a tickle in my throat but hoping I can stave off the worst with copious applications of chicken soup and Tylenol Cold medicine. Since we're supposed to have dinner with friends tonight, I'd prefer not to be spreading any contagion.

I was going to write a post of confessions but I think I'll save it, since I'm feeling so draggy still and go nap on the sofa in the sunshine. I suspect I won't have much time to post this week as it's a crazy one again and I leave Saturday morning, so my apologies in advance for light posting the rest of this month. :(

Burbling Bubbling Belated Birthday Wishes to gissa and bezigebij!