October 15th, 2010



What I really want to do at the end of a week like this is collapse, muddy & exhausted. But the adrenaline rush of the last several days...weeks, heck who am I kidding: MONTHS keeps me buzzing long after I should have.

The to-do lists have been decimated, both at work and at home, and even though there is ALWAYS something still to be done, it will just have to wait: work, for Monday, and home, for when I get back from Boston.

I've been so busy this week that I've not had a lot of time for noodling around online...I'm woefully behind in my reading and even worse in my writing and reading and sleeping. But! I'm packed! I'm ready to go.

I have presents for Christina and her lovely boys and my colleague Lora and her adorable kids and my MOM. I have not packed for the weather, however...I refuse to take a heavy winter coat and boots with me, even though my mom says a nor'easter is blowing up for tomorrow, which could cause problems with flights and arrival times for both of us: keep your fingers crossed, please, that we are not in for a blustery day of travel!

Karin gave me a little surprise present today to take with me and "sleep with on the airplane". It's a tiny white rectangular pillow, handstitched together with red & black thread and it has the words LOVE YOU stitched on the front in red. Awwww! She gave me a huge hug at dinnertime and wailed, "I don't want you to gooooooooooooooo!"

"I'll bring back Halloween candy," I said.

She promptly let go and sat up, smiling. "Okay! Bye!"

Unfortunately, we won't get much of a Halloween this year, so candy is the best I can do. I return on the 30th and we leave on Halloween for a lazy* week on the west coast of Italy. So, no trick-or-treating. No AWC Halloween party, no costumes. Pumpkin PEEPS and candy corns will have to do the trick AND the treat!

I can't wait to be in the States for autumn! Halloween decorations! Pumpkin stuff NOM NOM NOM! I hope the nor'easter hasn't blown all the color off the trees by the time I get there. AM SO EXCITED!

CRACKING ME UP: The God of Cake

*If you can call 5 days with plans to see the aquarium in Genoa, the leaning tower of Pisa, a day in Florence, a visit with Bethany, and several days of coast-crawling LAZY.