December 23rd, 2010

snow pig


This has been a cold and snowy winter so far. It started snowing in early November and it hasn't let up yet. In fact, it's snowing now; it's been snowing all day. We're supposed to get another foot or so, which brings us up to at least 3 feet, at least. And with the wind sculpting the snow into wild white piles, some of the drifts are up to my waist. I love the snow—you won't catch me complaining. It brightens everything up...there's no way I'd trade this brilliant brightness for another rainy dark cloud-covered Skåne winter. And even with all the snow, we've had lots of sunny days. Sometimes I think that you get more sun when you have more snow. Could that be so?

On one of the recent sunny days, the kids decided to do something about the giant pile of snow in front of the house that Anders had shoveled up from the driveway and the pavement. A snow cave the first idea, but it rapidly progressed into a real feat of engineering: a snow tunnel!

The light at the end of the tunnel

NOT the light at the end of the tunnel!

This was several days ago. There's at least twice that much snow on the ground now, and the snowpile with the tunnel in it has been covered and softened...and caved in on one end. It's still swirling down, dancing in the streetlights, flinging itself madly about. O! Snow!

Swirly Girly Birthday Wishes to Kathey and a Bucketful of Belated Ones to Laini!