January 9th, 2011



Last day of sluggishness wasn't very sluggy, though it got off to a sluggy start with a major sleep-in.

Asked Anders to take an hour out of his day to purge clothes in our closet and he went bananas and filled 8 big paper shopping bags and a giant black garbage bag with discards. Whoa!

Organized MY side of the closet too, clearing out some tops I never wear and putting things in order. I don't switch back and forth between winter and summer clothes, but I do keep the hanging items organized by type: sleeveless, short-sleeve, long-sleeve, sweaters. A little while ago I went back into the closet and turned the light on and just stood there, soaking up the satisfaction.

Have given up waiting to buy the mass paperback edition of Gabaldon's latest since it's taking FOREVER to come out in print, and borrowed the trade paperback from a friend. This necessitated re-reading the entire Outlander series again (no hardship) and I'm now in the middle of the one before and hoping I can get this one done quickly so I can start the other and STILL have time to read the book group book before the 20th. I can do it, I know I can!

Why do I have such a wary feeling about work? It's not a bad feeling exactly, but I'm not really looking forward to it. Could six years of crazy springs have finally pushed me over the edge?

I sorted and filed a year's worth of papers today, too. How long are you supposed to keep statements and such these days, anyway? I seem to remember it being 7 years...is that still the case? I want to start shredding and discarding. There can't be any real reason to hang on to all this paper, can there? It's not like we EVER go back through them or need them. Insurance and pension papers, okay, but bank statements? Salary statements?

The kids and I tried to go for a walk today. The sun was sort of lurking about, peeking out now and then and it's not been that cold for a couple of days...so much so that the snow on the roads has melted and frozen as solid ice. We gave up after half an hour and slid back.

Icy Nicy Super Spicy Birthday Wishes to Marilyn and Belated ones to blueberrymoon!