January 23rd, 2011



Honestly, I don't know where the times goes. I could have sworn I just posted but when I look at my little calendar I see it was last Tuesday! 5 whole days ago! And I suspect it will be another 5 days before I post again as this week is just NUTS. I have something scheduled every day, beyond the usual work work work.

Tomorrow we have Parent Meetings at both Martin and Karin's schools, so we can't go together. I'm going to Martin's, and Anders is going to Karin's, but I really wish we could both get the same info at the same time from both schools. Karin is wanting to start looking into a new school in Lund county for next year and we have to get started on it rather soon, if we want her to be able to switch the beginning of her 6th grade year, especially so that she'll have a chance to go visit each school for a day, at least.

One of the schools is in the next village over, where she already knows people and plays soccer, and it would be admittedly easier on us logistically if she chooses it, but she's already leaning toward a school on the other side of Lund from the one Martin is attending because several of her friends are planning on it, and it offers an emphasis on outdoor activities and sports, which would probably be perfect for her. But it will cause problems with logistics and transportation. *sigh*

Tuesday is the first AWC meeting of the year, and I'm looking forward to it. I've volunteered to host the next Cooking Club, however, and now i have to come up with a worthy menu. The last one (which was the first of this revived activity) featured sushi and the hostess not only taught everyone how to make it, she did most of the prep work AND made a fabulous dessert herself, instead of having all the participants make it. Back in the day (which I find myself saying FAR too often nowadays), when we had the original cooking club years ago, the hostess planned the meal, but everyone helped prepare it first. I'm no super chef...I learned a lot about how to cook myself from the original Cooking Club, and don't feel like there's any particular cuisine or even dish that I'm sufficiently expert on to teach others how to make. There's a dessert recipe that I cut out of a magazine years ago that features meringue, which I've never tried because I'm kind of scared of meringue, so I was thinking maybe that would be good to include, but as for the rest of the meal, I'm at a loss.

On Wednesday I'm getting my hair done. Barky is WAY overdue. I was lamenting the fact to my mom on the phone yesterday that after only 2 short months, my head is clearly, obviously, shamefully in need of color and I can't possibly afford to go any more often than I already do. In fact, the cost is crazy expensive at every 2 months and I really need to look for somewhere cheaper, but the thought of trying to find a new hairdresser is giving me palpitations. It's as bad as having to look for a new dentist. :( She does a good job with color AND with Barky, and I've been loyal to this salon for nearly 10 years and to this particular stylist for more than half that (my original stylist, who was MAGIC, left the business on sick leave and never came back). But to pay this kind of money for HAIR seems really stupid and it just keeps going up. And no, going natural is not an option.

Next month, our department is supposed to be moving, this time a new building. It's right next door, the twin of the one we're in actually, and there are 3 other departments moving with us. I don't know if everything is set in stone, but we've been told that most of the floor we'll be occupying is open landscape, with some offices for 2 or 4 people. I HATE open landscape. With a passion. We haven't seen a floor plan yet or heard any details, so I'm really really hoping I'll have a chance at one of the rooms. I'd rather share (though I certainly would rather not HAVE to) than sit in open landscape. GAH. Although, as I said to Anders, I've been working at this company for 6.5 years and in that time I've moved to 5 different rooms and had 5 different bosses, so I suppose if I can just stick it out, it'll change again after a year or so.

We watched all 3 Bourne movies this weekend, for the first time (for Anders, Martin and I; Karin had seen them at a friend's). For some reason, I had never thought much about them or thought I would like them, but I liked them a lot. We watched the first one on Friday for myskväll and the second on Saturday and when it was over, I turned to Anders (at 10 p.m.) and said "Let's watch the third one!" I had to know what happened. And I had never realized that they were based on books by Robert Ludlum until the credits were rolling at the end of the last film and it made me suddenly feel very close to my dad, who loved Ludlum's books, and would have liked these movies, because I liked them, too. I've never read any of his books, because I've never really been interested in spy/thriller-type stuff, but I have to admit they make good films.

In other news, it's snowing again. *suck*

Fluffy Puffy Birthday Wishes to ladyvox!