February 2nd, 2011



Good: Surprising my friend Geena at her surprise wedding on Sunday, and getting to be a part of her special moment

Bad: Insomnia

Good: Praise for a presentation I put together and a brochure layout I'm finalizing

Bad: Stressball workdays

Good: Finding out at the allergist that I might not be allergic to cats anymore...at least according to the "pricktest" (which is what they call it in Swedish), though I would have to have a bloodtest done for conclusive results

Bad: Anxiety dreams about work

Good: Results from last week's mammogram: nothing to report!

Bad: Realizing that I had a work event booked next week the same night as Little Big Bookgroup

Good: all the lovely people signed up for the bookgroup being able to (and willing!) to move the date so we can still participate

Bad: Working late AGAIN

Good: a lunch with my friend Camilla and plans for more visiting & sleepover this weekend

Bad: Anders leaving for a long weekend ski trip with work buddies (I know, it's not really bad, but I miss him when he's gone)

Good: Extra company to make up for his absence in the form of Cate's daughter Sydney and dog, London, for the weekend!

Bad: Visiting the new office space to look it over and realizing it's even worse than I was expecting :(

Good: I'm not stuck in this

Bad: the 2.5 hours spent trying to get my work PC to connect this morning, resulting in it being carted away for diagnostics by the IT guys

Good: A new blog header! *points up*