May 23rd, 2011



There's nothing nicer than going for a walk in May. The lilacs are blooming, the lupines are blooming, the rapeseed is glowing. The weedy edges of the meadows are leggy and exploding; and wisps float on the sunshine-filled air. A blackbird trills ahead of us; a hedge is filled with sparrows fluttering and busily rustling. Beech hedges shine in the sunlight and everyone we meet is smiling. A new neighbor's brand-new puppy gambols in the dandelions. At first, the kids didn't really want to go for the walk, but they warmed up to the idea. :)

Do I HAVE to go for a walk???

In the neighbor's garden: lupines in bloom!

Pretty Purple Pansies!

Too hard to scoot on the snail trail

Summer Snail Trail

The broken fence that allows people to slip through and take a shortcut through the field

Running up the hill so they can roll down it!

Birches in May


LOOK! LOOK! Nasturtium seedlings!!

Sunshine Kids