August 15th, 2011



Martin and I think we shall try and spot some shooting stars tonight, if I can stay awake until it's dark enough. It's fairly clear and the sunset is a lovely glowing orange against the blue. It's turned all the little clouds pink.

Karin is spending the night with a teammate friend in Södra Sandby, the next village over. As glad as I am that she has made so many good friends on her soccer team and is finally reveling in girl friendships and everything that goes along with them, it makes me crazy when she calls me up at the end of the day, when she should have been HOME ALREADY and asks if she can sleep over at a friend's house that she is already at. Am I alone in this? I think at least a day's notice is simple courtesy, both for the family she is sleeping at and for us. I think I'm being a little over-sensitive but she's spent the night away SO much since she started playing soccer in Sandby that I'm a little nervous all the parents are wondering why she doesn't want to go home.

I told her since she didn't have any overnight stuff with her she would have to bike home from Sandby first and fetch it. I already feel like we drive to Sandby EVERY SINGLE DAY either for groceries or soccer or whatever, and with gas at over $100 a tank, it's a bit much to be doing any extra unnecessary driving when it's only a 20-minute bike ride away and the sun is shining. Okay, she said, I'll come home and get my stuff.

2 hours later she still wasn't home and when I called her, she said her friend's mom was going to drive her home to get her stuff. ACK!

NO!! I said. That's not fair to them, I explained. If I don't want to drive over, why should her friend's parents have to do it, just because she's too lazy to get on her bike?? I told her I would drive her back, in that case, but she needed to bike home right away. (and I was getting angrier by the second on the phone).

Okay, she said. Okay, okaaaay.

Then her friend's FATHER called me (ACK! ACK!!) and said, really, it was no problem for them to run her home to fetch her stuff and ACK ACK ACK. Okay, I said, capitulating. Thanks a lot kid, for making me look like the bad guy.

So THEN, she and her friend's mom AND her friend AND her other friend (who is also spending the night there) all showed up...and the 3 of them were obviously bodyguards to make sure I didn't eat Karin alive when she got in the door. Talk about embarrassing! I had a very nice chat with the mom while the girls packed up Karin's stuff and at one point, Karin called out from the bedroom, "Mom, Sara digs you!" while the other girls giggled and I retorted, "Even though I'm so MEAN??" Heh.

I gave her a hug and a kiss as she went out the door and whispered in her ear, "You'd better be home tomorrow night, missie, OR ELSE."

Shooting Star Belated Birthday Wishes to Russell!
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