October 2nd, 2011



Today was the first completely pain-free left-arm day in 4 weeks. I have no idea why, but MAN, am I happy about it.

Fresh figs with brie or chevre cheese on crackers were good but honestly? Nothing that special.

The weather has been so incredibly beautiful that it makes me want to sing.

i can't get Silly Love Songs by Wings out of my head, and really, why would I want to?

In the past 3 days I have emailed 134 paid AWC members with their directory info to double-check and today I called 44 (with more or less success) of the remaining 85 that we haven't heard from. I have a meeting tomorrow and Wednesday, so I'll have to do the rest on Tuesday & Thursday plus re-call the ones I couldn't get hold of the first time. Whew!

The pumpkin patch event was awesome! So many happy smiling faces and so many beautiful pumpkins!