November 5th, 2011



Martin makes me laugh.

Martin is taller than me, and has the same size feet as his father.

Martin's hair stands up in the back when it's short. I tease him about this and stick my fingers up behind my head to make him go brush it.

Martin has a very infectious laugh!

Martin likes to play world-building games on the computer.

Martin is addicted to the iPad, and won't let me touch his mobile phone.

Martin's favorite food is sushi. His second favorite food is goulash soup (not's pancakes).

Martin laughed for hours after he got 76 points with 1 word against me in a game of Wordfeud.

Martin always says yes when I ask him if he wants to go for a walk.

Martin's middle name is Wallace, after my maternal grandfather who died before he was born.

Martin is friends with everybody, but doesn't have a particular best friend.

Martin's favorite movie is Avatar. He says he's an Avartard. (I say NERD!)

Martin likes to read a lot. And write and draw and make lists of things.

Martin's face and his father's face only have 26% likeness according to an exhibit at the Kreativum. But he and his sister have 46% likeness.

Martin has my dad's family's eyes.

Martin is watching me write this, but so far hasn't vociferously objected to anything I've said.

Martin just said he thinks I can write more than this about him. He's right, I'm just getting started.

Martin is the good son.

Martin navigates to places with my iPhone when we're in the car and I don't know where I'm going.

Martin has funky bent joints on his little fingers that make them look kind of crooked.

Martin holds his fork when he's eating between the last 2 fingers on his hand. This weirds me out.

Despite being so creative, Martin is right-handed.

Martin isn't particularly interested in sports, but he's confessed to enjoying badminton and handball.

Martin's favorite school subject changes depending on who's teaching it. He's very good at math and English.

Martin had no cavities at his last dentist visit in October, despite having a predilection for sweets and juice.

Martin refrained from trick-or-treating this year, but he did go to the AWC Halloween party at a big new playplace with his sister and me.

Martin is nearly 14 years old. He is in the 8th grade. He takes piano lessons once a week.

Martin stays up late reading, though sometimes it's comic books.

Martin had the cutest fattest nibbly baby feet ever but now his feet are just teenager feet. Ew.

Martin loves music and even recommends good stuff to me sometimes, including: Neon Trees, One Republic, Adele, and Cee-lo Green.

Martin is a lot like me, although he makes faces when I say so.

I am really really glad that I had Martin. I can't imagine my life without him.
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