November 7th, 2011



pen/paper or fingers/keyboard?

rings on your fingers or rings on your toes?

thank yous: written or verbal?

touch-typist or hunt & pecker?

stamps you lick or stamps you stick?

reading the last page of a book to find out what happens or reveling in the anticipation?

puppies or kittens?

bookmarks or dog-ears?

repetitive noises: irritating as hell or musical accompaniment?

reading group guides: helpful or pretentious?

Greek gods or Roman gods?

ambition, distraction, uglification or derision?*

hug or handshake?

tortoise or hare?

yeller or reasoner?

Christmas or Halloween?

poetry or prose?

debit or credit?

snakes/snails/puppydogtails or sugar/spice/everythingnice?

Melodifestivalen or Idol?

Mad Libs or Slam Books?

Drama Queen or Surfer Dude?

Kanelbullar or Cinnabon?

When you're done, pick one and tell me why!

*Bonus point if you know the source without Googling