November 13th, 2011



I am posting this from my iPad, mostly to get rid of the notification symbol showing I have an unfinished draft because I can't figure out how to delete it. Posting from the iPad is too slow since it's harder to type without a real keyboard for an old person like me. You should see how fast Karin can type on her phone when she is texting, with just one thumb! I am a snail by comparison, though I can beat her typing on a regular keyboard and my accuracy rate is higher :P

It is Swedish Father's day today so we gave Anders his presents this's almost like having a second birthday! His parents are here now and he is going to change to winter tires on their cars and both of ours.

The world was white with frost this morning though the sun has sinced burned most of it off. I guess winter is really almost here though I still feel very in denial about it. I am not mentally ready for winter despite having been thinking about Christmas for some time.

This weekend is going too fast.

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