November 17th, 2011



Karin is a monkey in disguise.

Karin is a girl learning how to become a young woman.

Karin has a top made out of rubber and a bottom made out of springs. She's bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun fun fun fun fun. And wonderful!

Just like her brother, Karin's favorite food is sushi. Her next favorite food is creamy crab nachos.

Whenever Karin asks you what your favorite something is, be prepared, because as soon as you answer, she'll say, "And after that?"

Karin's mobile phone is glued to her hand and she gets frantic if I try and take it away from her. She's handing it to me right now to prove me wrong. She can text faster with one thumb than I can with 10 fingers.

Karin loves to be active, but she also likes reading. Her favorite books are the Hunger Games and Uglies series.

Every night, Karin asks me to come lie down with her for a bit before she goes to sleep. I should say yes more often.

Karin can make me laugh even when she's making me want to pound her into the ground.

Karin is strong and flexible and quick like lightning.

Karin plays soccer and innebandy (floorball) like a champ. She even plays goalie sometimes and she's a junior referee.

Karin has big brown eyes and a heart-shaped face.

Karin makes hilarious grimaces and can manipulate the small muscles around her eyes like no one I've ever seen. She can even roll her tongue into a flower shape!

Karin likes to sing, but sometimes her needle gets stuck and then I have to yell at her to stop repeating the same phrase over and over. She loves music and listens to Spotify when she's on the computer.

Karin saved her own money to buy a Playstation 3 and right now she's saving up money for something special but she doesn't know for sure what it is yet.

Karin is a technology geek and would like to always have the latest, coolest gadget (she gets that from her dad).

Karin is a lot smarter than she'll admit to being.

Karin's favorite movies are the Twilight series and Avatar.

Karin doesn't like being alone.

Whenever we have parent-teacher conferences, all I hear is how great Karin is as a student.

Karin likes to be tickled but not in the small of her back.

Karin is watching me write this and keeps looking up at me and laughing. :)

Karin used to be a tomboy, but now she says she's just a girl.

Karin is a great hug-giver and she always says yes when I ask if she'll rub my neck.

She's 12 years old and in the 6th grade. She is friends with everyone, but her best friends are Moa, Emma, Sara, Elin, Alice, Julia and Hanna. She had a hard time cutting that list down.

Karin is growing rapidly and even though I can still rest my chin on the top of her head, it's tilted backwards when I do. Her feet are bigger than mine.

Karin is so cute sometimes I just want to gobble her up. I like to look at her when she's not paying attention, because she's so beautiful.

Karin tries my patience nearly every day; my mom says she was put on this earth to TEACH me patience. I'm not sure whether it's working, but at least it's energizing.

Living with Karin is very intense, but I can't imagine my life without her. I'm so glad I have her around!
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