November 20th, 2011


HALF SLUG HALF BEE (the busy kind)

Anders and Karin left at 5'ohgod in the morning to drive a couple hours north for an all-day soccer tournament. They JUST called (at 9:00 pm!) and are finally done with everything, but Karin still has to shower before they jump in the car to come home. Which means they won't be home before nearly midnight on a school night. Horrors! Their team came in second and they played great...Karin scored the only goal in the final and they were tied and into sudden death before the other team managed to score again.

Martin and I started the day out as total slugs. We were supposed to go clean at his school but it COMPLETELY slipped my mind. I didn't have it written down anywhere and am feeling very guilty that I totally forgot. We both got up late, slugged through the morning and then went to see Breaking Dawn in the early afternoon. Karin had gone with a friend yesterday, so we didn't have any guilty feelings about going without her. It was pretty good actually, though some of the dramatic moments were a bit much, and holy crap, they sure managed to make Kristen Stewart look like a total zombie!

Then Martin went with me to my office where I finished up 2 major projects that I couldn't do from home and I am feeling all kinds of accomplished now. Thank goodness he WAS with me, as it took 3 hours to do, and if he hadn't been helping, I would probably STILL be there. But! 2 more Christmas presents done and 2 more big things crossed off my to-do list. Of course my to-do list keeps growing like a frickin' Hydra. For every head I chop off, 2 more grow in its place. *sigh*

The week ahead doesn't feel like it will be all that crazy, but we're hosting Thanksgiving at the end of it: 26 people! 4 turkeys! 42 million pounds o potatoes! And at some point, I have to clean the house. I've heard guests appreciate it when you clean the house in advance of their arrival, yes?

I hope your weekend was equal parts superslug and busybee, like mine was and that you are feeling both accomplished AND relaxed!