November 24th, 2011



T is for Typing, one of the primary ways that allows me to easily communicate with all my loved ones far away

H is for our House, chosen with care, built with pride and filled with love

A is for Anders, without whom I would be lost

N is for Nature; this wonderful world that surrounds me with beauty and fills me with inspiration

K is for the Kooky Kween of Kuteness: KARIN!

S is for Sweden, my adopted homeland

G is for the Good Son, my firstborn, Martin

I is for the Internet and all the Information it puts right at my fingertips

V is for the Veritable plethora of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and LIFELONG blessings I try not to take for granted

I is for Ideas, the kind that bubble quietly forth and the kind that shoot up like geysers

N is for Networks, of which I have many that keep me sane & contained: my relatives, my online & real-life friends, my colleagues, the Wonders, the AWC

G is, again, for GOOD, as in good times, good food, good health, good friends and good things!

Here's hoping that YOU have a lovely Thanksgiving Day, one filled with at least one or more of the blessings you cherish.


Singy Swingy Heartsong Sunshine Birthday Wishes to gnostraeh!