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I feel a bit at loose ends, which is really stupid, because honestly, I had enough upheaval in my life just 5 months ago and god knows that was stressful enough and I certainly don't want to have that ulcer-inducing time back. It's not that I want to take on any new projects or uproot myself or anything, so why the restless feeling? Is it my military brat blood wooshing back and forth marking the fact that I'm past the halfway point for moving on?

Since we usually moved every 3 years when I was growing up we adjusted to a mental process that went something like this:

1st year
Waaah, I miss our last place so much, why did we have to leave? *sniffle*
2nd year
I love it here. I love my friends, my teachers, my school, my life. I never want to leave.
3rd year
Oh boy! Time to go! Where are we going next? It's going to be so cool! I can't wait to blow this popsicle stand!

Since we've been in our new house almost 2.5 years I suspect that old ingrained itch is what's causing this feeling. Shut up, Itch! Not now!

Speaking of itches, I need a backscratcher, a good one, with a long handle. My back itches and it's driving me crazy. I don't know if it's just because it's winter and the air is dry, but it's total torture. I bought a long-handled brush the other day to use in the shower, but it's too soft. My dad used to have a backscratcher, thin and carved out of one piece of wood with a little hand on the end. That's what I need.

Speaking of things my dad had, I was looking around my house the other day and thinking that I would like to make some sort of "inheritance inventory" that lists objects and things in our house and tells a little bit about their history, so that some day, when I'm gone, my children will know what they have and where it came from. I've thought about doing this before, but I probably need to get a ROUNDTUIT before it will actually happen. But wouldn't it be cool if we had some sort of record of the things we have? Karin asked the other day where I bought the lovely long needlepoint bellpull that hangs in hallway. "I didn't buy it," I told her, "My great-aunt made it." She made the cover for the footstool in front of the rocking chair, too. I inherited the both of them, among other things, when my grandmother died. I wish my mom would do this, too. :) She has so many cool things in her house that have neat stories.

Speaking of Karin, I just have to laugh every time I get home before the kids do. Anders picks them up each day and gets home around 5 p.m., at which point I've usually been home for about 15-20 minutes and had time to deal with mail, put laundry in, tidy up a bit, maybe answer email and then ensconce myself in a chair to read. Karin races from the car in a bowlegged sprint, yanks the door open, jumps inside, slams the door and flings off her jacket, hat and mittens, dumps her shoes into her shoe-box and then zooms through the house to find me at which point she barrels into me headfirst yelling HEJ MAMA! It's very invigorating, if a little violent.

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You do my heart good. :-+

You posted once that everyone else writes better than you do, but I disagree. You definitely do more than hold your own; your posts are always filled with heart, wisdom, humor, intellectual stimuli, and all around greatness. (Speaking of being hungry like in your current mood) I eat your words up with vigor.


You said,My back itches and it's driving me crazy.

My husband's back is always itching him too (I am his official backscratcher) and *he* is driving me insane!!!

<3 <3 <3

I used to be my dad's backscratcher...I wonder if it's something I've inherited from him! :D And thank you for all the lovely compliments :)

I meant it.


Oh, I forgot to mention that Joel and I have SERIOUSLY been wanting to pick up and move to Europe. If $$$$$$ wasn't an issue, we'd already be there. Go figure. I thought we were the only restless loons. Nice to know we aren't alone. We have you and Marie. :-D

Money schmoney! Can he/you get a job? Although you DO have 3 kids, plus Donna :) But even so...

Donna isn't an issue when it comes to moving and one (three) of the reasons we want to move is because of our kids. As for Joel, he's an aircraft mechanic and I'm sure jobs are hard to come by "there". Still, who knows.........

I don't think jobs in that field would necessarily be hard to come by. They have planes here, too, you know :) In fact they have a lot of them! :D Language is the only barrier that I can see being a problem in that case, plus keep in mind that salaries are much different overseas than in the States, and I wouldn't begin to guess for that kind of specialization level what he could expect.

It's funny because I'm feeling restless as well but for no really good reason that I can put my finger on either. We moved a lot when I was growing up, but I stayed in the same place when I got married for over 24 years. I'm really happy here, but feel an itch to go out and do something else. Maybe the summer sailing will take care of it.

I think you are used to working at a high rate with multiple things on the go at once, that you are at a loose end because some of those things are changing. It could also be that you are a person who likes to be out there creating and "having a project" but feel less enthusiastic once that project is up and running and only needs to be fine tuned and maintained.

Or maybe I'm talking a lot of rubbish :)

Karin is the best. That child is so spontaneous that you have to love her. I know she can be a trial, but she is such a free spirit that I'm sure she'll succeed in life.

Do you want me to swing by the Asian shops in Stockholm looking for a backscratcher?

I think it's more the first...I am trying consciously to relax more, to let go of things, and maybe my brain is still getting used to the idea :)

If you happen to be in the vicinity and see one, I would be thrilled, but please don't go out of your way :)

I can take a look at the one in Söder for you next week. They may have it. Or maybe Kirsty can get you one in Bali (if we can tear her away from the bar long enough!)

love hugs

around here we call that the "tackle hug" always good even if it sometimes feels more like a frontal Heimlich maneuver . . ~bluepoppy

Whenever I use a backscratcher my whole back begins to itch. It's so strange. I guess my back takes advantage of all itches being accessible.

I've learned that they MOVE. If you scratch an itch, it just moves over a bit, so you have to chase it all over the place :D

she barrels into me headfirst

Hug attacks are the best! They're one of the things I really love about visiting my sister's house: multiple small children hurtling across the room to throw their arms around my kneecaps. *g*

Then she proceeds to sit on top of me and pummel me mercilessly with interspersed fierce hugs :) It IS the best :)


I understand the less literal itch quite well. I've been itching to GO as far back as I can remember. Which means being stuck in the same place my entire childhood felt like a real trial. But once I was 18? Look out, freeway, 'cause here I come! Oddly, I had no destination in mind...and still don't. I just feel more comfortable not staying put in one place for too long. Maybe you can 'scratch' it without a lot of upheaval in your life. Settling down is good (she keeps repeating to herself like a mantra)...AND it's important to honor those 'gotta go!' feelings. Particularly tough for me here where daily life takes on a sort of "Groundhog Day" quality... :)

P.S. Just wnat you to know that you have become one of my first daily reads...and you never disappoint.


I'm an idiot..."Groundhog Day"? C'est moi. ~Marilyn, Island Fever

Settling down is good, but so is moving around, meeting new people, trying new things, seeing new sights, learning new viewpoints. And thank you :)


I used to have that 'move -around' itch, after being in a military family - but now I've lived in the same town for almost eight years. There are days I fantasize about getting in the car and DRIVING very far away. :) And I have a feeling I'll never get very far away from the family homestead.

How precious is Karin? She's one of my favorite kids in the blogosphere. :)


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