March 3rd, 2012

happy tailwag


FBAR: forms for the past 6 years have been completed, printed, ready to copy & mail in...what a load off my mind!

Double Dog Dare: Swedish Citizenship application has been mailed in! I've heard everything for turnaround time from 2 weeks to 8's hoping for shorter, since I need my passport back by May.

Family: off on their ski vacation; so I have the house to myself until Thursday night!

Game: The whole family is addicted to Draw Something. Do you have it on your iPhone or iPad? It's like Pictionary in your pocket!

Barky: losing it. The amount of hair I'm shedding daily is beginning to seriously alarm me. If I didn't have TONS of the stuff, I'd swear I ought to be bald by now.

Sun: SPRING is coming, I can feel it. Even if it's freezing cold out there; it is starting to feel like spring is really on the way. Sunny gorgeous blue-sky days!

Trips: Getting excited about travel plans for this year. So far, I have a 1-day trip to a tradeshow in the UK, a week in Singapore (!), a weekend in Italy, a little over a week in northern Germany with my first family (yay!), a 2-week trip to Boston, and the hope to be in Michigan for Christmas. It's a jet-setting year, for sure.

Clutter-clearing: So far, I have tackled the closets in the computer room with more or less success and have filled 2 paper bags with books. Next up: kids' clothes and closets and the art chests!

Psst! My friend Christina's book is available for pre-order! A Field Guide to Now Squee!