April 12th, 2012



We have been watching Season 1 of Game of Thrones on Swedish TV, and it's on at 10 p.m. on Wednesday nights. I read all the books (except the latest, which I JUST got) ages ago, and remembered very sketchily what happens. I was all excited to watch it and I figured the kids would like it too, because well, the books were really good and they both like fantasy stories and it's quite engaging what with all the interesting characters and what not...and why in the world would they put this acclaimed series on at 10 p.m.?! Crazy. It's a school night!

The fact that it was HBO escaped me, since it's not HBO here, and the fact that it was on at 10 p.m. failed to tip me off, that the show might not be...exactly...kid-appropriate. So it was the COPIOUS amounts of doggy-style sex in the first couple of episodes that was the real clue. As my kids freaked out a bit and decided that app right there on their phone was REALLY REALLY interesting. "Don't look yet," I had to keep saying. EEK! Don't look now either! Egad. Parenting FAIL.

But once they had watched a couple of episodes they were hooked, and I couldn't very well keep them from watching the rest, and besides, they have now seen it ALL. Strangely, all the gore and violence and squirty blood from sword slashes doesn't faze them a BIT.

My brother asked for the box set of Game of Thrones for Christmas, and my sister ended up getting it for him for his birthday at the end of March because it hadn't come out yet by Christmas. He called me one Wednesday evening while he was watching his DVDs and scolded me because I had RUINED Game of Thrones for him. "There's EIGHT SOLID minutes of hot girl-on-girl action...EIGHT MINUTES...and all I can think about is that you let your kids watch this."

"What? We haven't seen anything like that! What episode are you watching?"

"I don't know...7 or 8."

"Gah. We haven't gotten that far. OK, forewarned is forearmed." *sigh*

EIGHT SOLID minutes of "Don't look yet!! Play DrawSomething! And turn the sound down. Yikes."

NOW they've really seen it all.


Last night, we watched Episode 8...there are only 2 left of Season one. The main character is in prison, his children are scattered and fleeing or in peril and I know what happens to them all. I couldn't remember everything so I looked them up on Wikipedia and refreshed my memory with all the tragic details. And after the show ended, I went to bed at 11 p.m. (ON A SCHOOL NIGHT, see FAIL) and then lay there and worried about the Starks for an hour and a half before I finally dropped off to sleep.

And to top it off, I woke up suddenly at 5:30 a.m. thinking that I had thrown away* the receipt for my Swedish passport that I was supposed to pick up after work today and had to force myself not to get up and root through the paper recycleables to check.

*I hadn't. Passport is now in my possession!

Bright & Bonny, But Belated Birthday Wishes to reebert, thistimearound and kissekat!