April 7th, 2013



You'll be surprised, I'm sure, to hear that I have a crazy week ahead. ALERT THE MEDIA! Something every day! Something every night! This kind of thing NEVER happens.


We went to see Oz the Great and Powerful tonight with my cousin Cate and her daughter, whom we haven't seen since forever ago. It was a last minute decision, but I've been wanting to see the movie since I heard about it, so I was excited, and the opening credits were quite clever and I was thrilled and then: meh. Terrible acting, stupid side bits, glurge and ridiculousness. SO disappointed. The backgrounds and special effects were fantastic, though. I always say Oz the Great and Terrible, not Powerful, so now I have to go check my Baum because I don't know which one is correct. However, I shall forevermore refer to the movie version as Oz the Great and Terrible Acting.

There are lots of movies coming out that look like they will be good and fun and exciting, but now I'm feeling wary.

I have several things on my mind that are churning around. One is what to serve my American colleague when I have her over for dinner this week. She doesn't eat fish so salmon is out. Hopefully it will be decent weather and we can grill something.

The other is that my friend Russell reminded me that we had talked a long time ago about going somewhere (all of us) for our big birthdays next year (his birthday is just a few days after mine). I was hoping to stay in denial about the whole thing until after it had safely passed, but I guess I'll have to admit it's coming, even though I still have over a year to pretend it's happening to someone else. He and his wife have traveled all over the world so coming up with a place that they haven't been to, and that we all want to go to isn't going to be easy, especially since if we are taking the whole family, the expenses have to stay reasonable. I thought first about Ireland as I haven't been and would really like to go...but of course they have. Anders came up with Croatia this morning and found some interesting info about it as ammunition. I'm not sure, though. Some of the places I'd really like to see, that I haven't already been to yet, are St. Petersburg, Prague, Ireland and more of England than just London.

And then there are places that I loved and would be very happy to go back to again: Netherlands (never enough), Norway, Switzerland. And there are other places that I have thought about as well: Hawaii. Alaska. South Africa.

Let's face it, I'm not getting any younger as that looming birthday makes clear. So what's the better choice? Going someplace I've never been to or revisiting some place I loved and might not have a chance to get back to otherwise?

*Title from a quote by Alan Lakein