April 27th, 2013



The light is lying low over the fields, bathing the back of our house in gold and pink. There's a line above the horizon demarcating a nimbus edge just before the blue starts. We had giant puffity clouds today, looking like a line of rounded marshmallow mountains, one an Ewok for a split second before it morphed into just another heavenly cottonball.

There are fat little buds on the cherry tree but no blossoms yet. Everything is just about to burst...we had a couple of days of rain and you could really see the effect...hedges went green, the fields went green, the pussywillows blew up and went pollen. I expect my eyes to start itching any day now.

The kid and I went to see Ironman 3 this afternoon and really enjoyed it. I adore RDJr, and he did a great job. Funny and angsty and just general good old 'splosions and mayhem. Yesterday Martin and I went to sushi night, an AWC event that I organize every couple of months. I rotate around between all the different sushi places in both Malmö and Lund and it makes me quite happy that nowadays there are so many to choose from. When we were first moved here 16+ years ago, there was ONE. Last night it was actually the sushi counter in the central train station...not very elegant but their sushi is really good and the prices even better. It made for a very relaxed, laid-back atmosphere with the 6 of us who showed up. You'd think that in a club of over 200 people we'd have more than 6 at a dinner out, but either the weather or the location or just general spring-busyness kept people away.

Karin wanted me to go see Warm Bodies with her, so I was glad I was able to talk her into Ironman instead. I really don't get the obsession with zombies. Martin went to see it on Thursday with friends and she was really upset because she's been wanting to see it. She'll just have to find her own friends to see it with or wait for DVD.

I had a message from a former colleague and boss from Ericsson that one of our co-workers died this past week; I assume from cancer as she was in treatment for breast cancer 13 years ago when I started there. It makes me sad...she was approximately my age and has a young son. There is a commercial on TV right now that points out the fact that 1 in 3 people will get cancer. 1 in 3! That just freaks me out. :( Not really something I want to think about when spring is in the air.

Tomorrow I'm going to go buy pansies for the garden pots. We need some cheer and color in the yard to go with the green.

I don't know if I mentioned this here, but I decided to start a magazine intervention project for Anders and myself. I have boxes and boxes of Martha Stewart Living magazines and he has boxes and boxes of motorcycle and bike mags PLUS boxes and boxes of old comics. I am resigned to the fact that the chances of getting him to let go of most, if not all of the comics, but I really hope we can ditch most of the rest of the paper that just sits in boxes in closets and on shelves and never, ever gets looked at. Which is ironic, considering I bought SIX magazines at the magazine shop at the train station yesterday, though in my defense, none of them was Martha! Heh.

Martin: We watched a film on Geronimo today in school. Do you know what his real Indian name was?
Martin: No. That was what the Mexicans called him. His real Indian name meant something like "The one who yawns"
Liz: *giggles madly*
Martin: *rolls eyes*

Next week has a bonfire with friends, a day and a half off work, an AWC meeting and the start of May. Woot!