September 8th, 2013



I am so glad to be home! I had a great 2 weeks, chilling with my mom and my sister, getting to see my favorite aunts and uncles and my grandmother, and some of my cousins, and driving with my mom through Canada to New York and stopping at Niagara, and eating all my favorite American foods and at all my favorite American restaurants, and shopping my suitcase full to the brim with new clothes, new books, and stuff stuff stuff...

My mom wants me to make a list of all the things we've done on our Boston trips each year, but I'm too tired to do it tonight. So I'll just make a list of my favorite restaurants and dishes, (only one of which I didn't get to eat at this time):
  • Macaroni Grill — chicken scallopini
  • Not Your Average Joe's—rosemary-skewered scallops
  • Lat.43 in Gloucester—SUSHI
  • Legal Sea Food—pan-seared salmon, lemon & chive buttered rice and sauteed spinach
  • Lemon Tree—SUSHI
  • Cheesecake Factory—tuna carpacchio
Nom nom nom Definitely heavy on the seafood and definitely heavy on me! Time to get motivated...I think I gained 30 pounds. Ouch :(

Anyway, my flight from Boston left 1.5 hours late, which meant I missed my connecting flight from Amsterdam to Copenhagen and had to wait nearly 6.5 hours to catch the next one, and I am wiped out.