November 6th, 2013

cocked and loaded


Only 6 days in and I've run out of things to write about. No, that's not true...more that I've run out of ideas for things to write about. It's a temporary problem that comes in waves: blogger's block. I've been writing this blog since August 2003; that's over 10 years of journal entries, memories, photos, anecdotes, inanities, bulletpoint lists, opinions, thoughts and random observations.

In fact, a quick peek at my LJ stats tells me that I have written 2213 journal entries since August 6, 2003. That's an average of 221.3 journal entries a year! An average of 18.44 posts a month! And considering that there are 30-ish days in a month, that's works out to every other day and then some. Not counting months like this when I post every day...or years like the last one where I was a total slacker. But let's not talk about that! Back to me and my awesome nearly every day posting AWESOMENESS.

I've posted 1184 photos here on LJ, and at least several hundred via Instagram in the last 12 months. I've made 35,127 response to comments on my blog and others on Livejournal...the mind boggles contemplating how high that number would be if the stats could count the ACTUAL amount of comments including other non-LJ blogs. And I've received 34,020 comments from my readers. I wonder if that number includes all the stupid spam comments I get, though they've tapered down again. 34,020 comments from YOU GUYS. Feeling very Sally Field just now.

I've published 9.5 years worth of journal entries into book form, plus one best-of compilation for the first 3.5 years. That growing row of Findus-green books on the shelf is one of the things that keeps me motivated to write. There are lots of things that keep me motivated to write, not least that 34,020 number up there. YOU are one of the biggest reasons. My own brand of writer's OCD. The chance to vent, the chance to explain, the chance to show-off, joke around, record things for posterity, the chance to tell my story. At least most of it.

There are still things that I don't talk about here, things that I may never talk about here, though the incentive to tell my WHOLE story someday makes me pause sometimes and reconsider. Not ready for that yet, though, and it's not who I am. It keeps me mysterious! Never think you know EVERYTHING about me. You don't. Not even close. But if you keep reading along, and commenting, and being a part of my story, someday you just might. You never know.