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It is such a long time since I posted that I feel like the veriest tyro. A blogging beginner. Again!

Today was spelunking day, and on Monday I got sick with a massive head cold. ...NOOOO. I was determined that NOTHING was going to hinder today's appointment so I medicated and rested and took half a day off and another morning, and by today I was fine, though a bit stuffy in the nose, still. Compounded by allergies, I am ALWAY stuffy in the nose, so I figured I could get away with it.

Off to Landskrona we went, and everything went fine, apart from the part where they couldn't get the IV needle into my left hand and after several attempts and a broken vein (!), ended up trying my right hand. And apart from the part where I had breathing issues during the procedure, and they had to keep me under observation for an hour afterwards. ...but FINE! ALL DONE. THANK GOODNESS.

Despite the fact that the last time I posted anything it was still March, I am struggling to remember things I've been trying to keep in my head to post about.

Karin's room is done except for minor details...we're going shopping tomorrow for bed covers, curtains and a rug. She got the idea to frame some of our old record albums, since they had been pulled off the shelves in the computer room (the shelves went into the new storage room) and were laying on the floor for her to peruse. Anders found a place that had frames that perfectly fit an LP cover and she chose 9 and he hung them over her bed. Out of nine, only ONE was mine: The Steve Miller Band. I told her she had to actually LISTEN to the music on the albums (on Spotify) before she was allowed to do this, so we spent one fun evening looking at all our old albums and playing oldies but goodies for each other. She ended up picking 2 Bob Marleys, a Jimmy Cliff, the Beatles, Bunny Wailer, 10CC, Fleetwood Mac and the soundtrack of Paris, Texas. Now, Martin wants to do the same thing, but since he doesn't have a big wall, he only gets to pick 4. :)

Karin also got a MOPED. Look out, world. It's used,...Anders got a steal from a colleague. But it needs to be cleaned and fixed up, and repainted and she can't drive it until she's taken an 8-hour driving course and turned 15 so we have some time to moped-proof THE WORLD.

We finally finished watching all 10 seasons of Friends. Martin and I were both kind of sad about it, but now he's nagging me like crazy to go buy Game of Thrones, Season 3. I'd like to take a TV-watching break, though. I feel like I haven't been reading or writing or anything but watching DVDs.

Martin got his preliminary grades (already!) and his progress report, and is doing really well. His English teacher actually told hiim that she has nothing else to teach him! Which I take issue with, but still: pretty nice to hear.

It's been 9.5 months since I went off soda. Can you believe them colas?

We went to see The Book Thief last weekend. It was EXCELLENT. Martin is reading the book now. I want to go see Saving Mr Banks next...maybe tomorrow, if we have time.

Oh! I was the guest speaker at the Malmö Rotary International meeting this past Monday. I told them all about the AWC Malmö. It was really fun, and 12 other AWC members came to support me and find out a bit about their organization...they are reciprocating with a guest speaker at OUR monthly meeting in May. I didn't know anything about Rotary before going and to be honest, I still don't feel like I know what you get out of belonging to it, but expect I'll find out more when they come speak. I did find out that they meet EVERY week (with guest speakers!), and that you have to attend a certain amount of meetings and be involved on a certain level as a member, and that they review your CV before they approve your membership AND that it costs 2000 SEK per year. That's all INSANE. Our club costs 250 SEK per year and you get PIE NIGHT. Need I say more?

It's full-blown spring here, the kind I like best, where you can see the green buds on everything but they haven't exploded to fullness yet. Where the bird cherry and the horrible thorn tree in the backyard are vying for "most gorgeous clouds of flowery whiteness". Where the fuchsias are glowing, but the lilacs are still to be anticipated. It's been raining and cold all week but it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend. I can't WAIT.
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