May 1st, 2014



It's been a crazy couple of weeks since I last wrote anything, with work filling up my brain and renovation projects at home squirreling in around the edges. Last weekend we did a big shop at IKEA and bought 3 new bookshelves for the computer room to replace the ones that have moved out to the garage storage. And yesterday I picked up another one from my friend Debbie, a skinnier model. So that made 3.5 new bookshelves to fill and organize.

I started earlier in the week but finished it up today and everything looks nice and new and fresh. I love that.


We had a hard, horrible day yesterday, though. Anders' father, who has been doing very poorly this year, and who has been bedridden for the past couple of weeks with fractures in his pelvis sustained in a fall about 2 months ago, died quite suddenly and unexpectedly in the early evening. Anders had just gotten home from work when his mom called and he told her to call the ambulance and took off for Malmö but it was already too late by the time either of them arrived.

I had to go get Karin and tell her the awful news, in Sandby, where she was supposed to be singing for the Walpurgis night ceremonies there, and the kids and I arrived after Anders' sister's family had gotten there. But we were at least able to be all together to help Anders' mom get through the evening. She is spending a couple of nights with his sister, and coming here tomorrow for a couple of nights as well, and then we'll see what she wants to do. None of us want her to be all alone in the apartment right now.

He was the nicest man, gentle and kind and caring. Good around the house, conscientious, and thoughtful. Even if he was 87, it's still too soon. It's ALWAYS too soon. I'm glad he's no longer in the pain he was dealing with for the past several weeks, and I'm glad it was fast, but it's just so sad. It makes me think about things I'd rather not think about. It makes me miss my dad. And my mom. And my siblings. I want to hold everyone I love closer.
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