May 7th, 2014



The yellow of the rapeseed. The horses out back. The black cat that hangs out on the neighbor's porch across the street but never seems to get let inside. The fact that the lilacs are almost here. ALMOST! The way the sky went blue and the clouds went puff and the rain went away. The way the lights bends down to bless us in the evening. The funeral for Anders' father. Weight-loss. Walking. Surgery. Eye infections. The fact that Karin stayed home with a sore throat again today for the 45,589,382,411th time this year. The fact that I have to work 3 full weeks before I get another short week. That I have to ask for the day of the funeral off. That I have to wrap presents. That it's Anders' birthday tomorrow. That his mom is alone in that apartment. Elementary season 1 and how much I like Lucy Liu. The bills that need to be paid. That I have to file my American taxes and FBARS (#¤!@&! FBARs). Watermelon Oreos. Whether or not I want to step down from the AWC board this fall (yes). Whether or not we will ever actually start moving stuff out to the new storage room. Whether or not the new rose bush will flower this year. Driving with Martin. How to explain how intersections work when you're turning left in a car. How I'm going to get ahold of the AWC registrants whose numbers don't let me through or let me leave a message. That I have to get started on the bookgroup book soon. That it would be cool if there were really dragons. Also scary. Whether or not my brother can come up here next week. Sushi (it's been ages). I need to sort and file papers. Toronto. Becky. Shoe shelves. Alien Hive. Whether or not the fish who I said I wouldn't replace when they died will EVER ACTUALLY DIE. Robin's Hobb's books. What to ask for, for my birthday. All the different shades of spring green. Visiting the new design studio in our village. Where my motivation went.
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