July 13th, 2014



What I have accomplished so far today: Woke up Karin and sang happy birthday to her and gave her her presents, with Anders & Martin, and kissed her goodbye (she left this morning for a week in Gothenburg at Gothia Cup). One load of laundry that didn't really need to be done. Unloaded the dishwasher. Put some recycleables in their bins. Watered all the house plants. Made the bed. Showered & dressed, ate breakfast and lunch. Read the end of the book I was re-reading that was taking me forever to finish. Played numerous games of stupidity on the iPad. Watched Tour de France for awhile. Made Martin wash and change his shirt. Watched rain come down. Admired the purple of the lavender under the bedroom window. Napped on the couch. Talked briefly to my brother. Listened to music. Wrote this post.

Still on the agenda: Dinner, at some point. More reading, this time of the sequel to the book I finished earlier. More games of stupidity. Watching the World Cup final. Maybe a walk now that the rain seems to be letting up and the sun is peeking through.

Sometimes, a super slug day is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered.