November 26th, 2014



I've been chasing the sun across the Atlantic. It's been a 4.5 hour long sunset, the sky stippled orange, layered with yellow and topped with deep evening blue above a bubbled deceptive surface of clouds.

Clouds all the way across the sea...i am glad to be above them in the clear sky. How dark it must be below this endless expanse.

We've had only a little turbulence and I've had only a little sleep. According to my phone it is only a little after 9, long after the sun would have slid beneath the planet's curve back home.

Flying is so strange and disorienting. We are flung over the earth, jumbling our sense of time and space.

The captain just announced another patch of turbulence ahead, recorded by earlier passing pilots. I must stop writing and focus all my concentration on keeping this plane in the air with the strength of my mind.